Spring 2017: Coastlines from Phillip Jeffries

Coastlines is the latest collection available from Phillip Jeffries. This Spring 2017 collection is tailor made for the California coast. Taking inspiration from California to Cannes, the seaside vibe permeates the entire collection, from the incredible texture of hand laid water hyacinth in a rustic chevron form in St. Bart’s Serenity, to the finely woven and seamless Cabana Weave, to the relaxed sophistication of Seaside Linen this collection is sure to contain your favorites time and time again. Coastlines feels at home anywhere, adding texture and a tailored look to traditional coastal enclaves or a casual and relaxed backdrop for a beachfront abode.

Zoffany: Spring 2017 Phaedra Fabrics and Wallcoverings Now available

Zoffany: Phaedra collection

Artistry revealed…

Stepping onto the luxury interiors stage with poised perfection is the Zoffany Phaedra collection, a visual allegory of the Zoffany studio’s unceasing journey to create luxury for the home.

Phaedra fabrics reflect the edgy sophistication of the vibrant and cosmopolitan city of London, yet feature a fundamental classical influence lying deep within their soul. The mastery of colour and the artistry behind the designs elevate them to a contemporary setting. Each yarn, each process is meticulously considered, resulting in exquisitely unique fabrics that bring a refined sophistication to the world of interiors.